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Our Terms

Before we work with you, you need to ensure that you agree to our terms.

  1. All payments will be made via PayPal Friends and Family, 50% of that payment will be paid prior to the creation of the plugin and the other 50% will be paid after you recieve the plugin.
  2. We are allowed to deny your request at any time we see fit, this can be both permanent and temporary depending on the reason we are denying your request.
  3. Once you recieve the plugin you have requested, you have 24 hours to make any minor changes for free, if this 24 hours is up, you will be charged for the request. The 24 hour period is not exact, just relative to working time within Retrix Solutions.
  4. If a change you desire to a plugin which we have made is small or what we deem easy, then we will do it for you, free of charge; if not a small fee will be required for our time.
  5. If we work for your server in partnership with your service, you have 3 days including the day you are meant to pay to pay your dues and demands, if we do not recieve this payment, the agreement will be stopped.
  6. Our discord is a place for people to ask for help and to ask for plugins, therefore you cannot spam it with invites or useless messages. We have the ability and we will mute you on discord if you attempt to advertise or disrupt our workload.
  7. Retrix Solutions pride ourselves in our cheap prices, if you come to us demanding free plugins and/or cheaper prices, we have the full right to stop conversing with you, even if that requires a kick or for us to block your account.
  8. If a deal fully goes through with little to no complications, you will recieve the "Client" rank on our discord. This rank comes with a 15% discount on all purchases in the future and also grants you with a new name format, if you change this format you will be removed from the discord and therefore lose your 15% discount.
  9. If you ask for your money back or create a chargeback form, you will be permanently banned from our discord. If you win the chargeback you will recieve a negative reputation or a review on any platform that we know exists.
  10. Due to the amount of clients we have, you have 6 months until your plugins source is removed from our database.  If you come to us after this period, please be perpared that your plugin might not be able to be modified.
  11. If you wish to purchase the source or resell rights to any plugin made by a member of Retrix Solutions, then contact the developer who created that plugin. This is not a standard price and is based on both the original price and the amount of work spent on that plugin.

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