My Terms.

​By purchasing anything from us, you agree to all the terms listed below.

  1. We are allowed to refuse your order for any reason.
  2. You will pay 50% upfront. Once you're satisfied, you will pay the last 50%.
  3. All payments will be made via PayPal Friends and Family.
  4. You aren't allowed to chargeback for any reason.
  5. You have 24 hours to make any major changes to plugins after creation.
  6. After receiving a plugin, you will not resell/decompile/redistribute it without our consent.
  7. Any improvements which we deem small will be done for free at any time after creation.
  8. If we work for your server, you have 3 days to pay us your required amount before we lose our agreement.
  9. If you come to us and obnoxiously state that you want free plugins, we have the full right to stop conversing with you.
  10. If you spam our discord or persist to annoy our developers we can and we will give you a muted rank or an equivalent rank on our discord which will then alert all our developers that we do not deal with you.
  11. If you use our service properly you will recieve the client rank, this rank allows you to claim higher priority over other clients and gives you a bonus 15% discount on all future orders.
  12. If you become a client, your name within our discord will be changed to "YourName" | Client. If you change this format, we can and will remove you from our discord.
  13. If you ask for your money back, We will not hesitate to comply, if for valid reasons. In the case of a chargeback, your access to our service will be blocked and you will lose access to the plugins we have made you.
  14. After 6 months of you using the plugin, we will delete the plugin source from our database.
  15. If you wish to purchase the source of any plugin/project, ask the developer for details.

Contact Me


Discord: Pondinq#3394